Get Involved!

The vitality of Christ the King parish is evident with over 50 ministries to become involved in or to seek assistance. 

Each Ministry is assigned to a Commission; Administration, Christian Service, Faith Formation or Worship Commission. In addition, there are Commissions At Large which are Reverence for Life, Strategic Pastoral Planning, Parish Community Building Events, Vocations and Stewardship.

A special at Large Commission or core teams may be developed that will service the multifaceted tasks as the needs are defined by the Council on an annual basis.

The mission of Christ the King’s Christian Service Commission is to enable the parish community to put into practice the social teachings of the church as encouraged and expressed by the corporal works of mercy.

Faith Formation Commission is to provide opportunities to learn, experience and grow in faith by uniting every household into the parish community through study, Eucharist,  service, Generations of Faith, religious education for all ages in order to more fully participate in the Sacraments and in the greater faith community after the model of Christ the Teacher.

The mission of the Worship Commission is to celebrate God’s glory in prayer, be a welcoming presence to our brothers and sisters, to experience the call of the Holy Spirit in worship, and to sense the presence of Christ the King, touching our hearts and transforming our lives.