Per the "Stay at Home Order" all parishes are closed for all liturgical services, including private prayer. The Church will remain closed until further notice. This includes the Food Pantry.
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Welcome to Christ the King

Fr Jeff Stoneberg, Pastor



Resources for Prayer at Home


 Brothers and Sisters in the Lord of Christ the King Parish:

 In this most challenging of times, I am ever so grateful for your ongoing personal support and   prayers.  It is moments such as these that give solid evidence of our Christian witness.  It is a sad   time for us all.  Our church is dark, locked, and closed until there is a turnaround with the virus.  All   over, things are quiet.

 While we are very sensitive to pastoral needs, we are also called to address charitable and practical   concerns.  Could you be attentive to your neighbor’s needs, especially of the elderly or others who   may be at risk?  Help them.  Check on them.

 The Diocese of Joliet has established an emergency fund.  Access to assistance is through the   respective Pastor of various parishes.  In unusual circumstances, direct contact can be made to the   Diocese through the Office of the Bishop at  No question,   we must come together in support of one another in prayer but also in material assistance to the   degree possible.

 Our parish still has expenses.  If you are able, please keep current on your parish financial   commitment.  I know this is not possible for some.  Do not worry.  I am confident that we will all do   the best we can.  I also encourage you to consider on-line or direct deposit giving.  There is a link   located below this letter.

 Starting April 1st, I, and the other employees here in our parish, and throughout the Diocese of   Joliet, will have our pay reduced by 1/3 temporarily. 

 Our Religious Education programs are being adapted in such a way that while the parish facilities are   closed, on-line learning and information has been sent by our Director of Religious Education, Loretta   Crotty.  This is to meet the expectation that our students in RE will be able to move on to the next   grade level this coming fall.

 I encourage you to watch mass or other religious programs on television.  Some parishes have live-   streamed mass—with varying results that are not always the best.  I find the television masses have   the best quality.  Please click on the Resources for Prayer at Home for a listing.

 Our seminarian, Sam Conforti, will be ordained to the transitional diaconate at a time that is prudent   after this pandemic.

 It is my hope to get a letter such as this out to you from time to time.  I am not adept at technology,   so I thank Vince Zaprzal for handling what goes on our Facebook and Website. 

 Remember, He’s got His eye on the sparrow, and I know He’s watching we/me………….Fr. Jeff

Resources for Prayer at Home


The Secretariat of State of the Holy See had requested that all local Churches be informed that all members of the faithful and other Christians are invited to participate in the special prayer of the Holy Father taking place in Saint Peter’s Square this FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 2020.

If you missed it, please click the Pope's photo below for a video rebroadcast (1 hour).





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